Saskatoon Based Pet Photography

I work one on one with pet-loving clients and their families, I can meet you and your tailed friends at your home, in your favorite park, or any setting of your choice – wherever your pets are in their natural, happy environment ! No restrictions on species!

I started volunteering to take photos of hard to adopt dogs through Prairie Pooches and I knew this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Photographing animals being exactly who they are, doing what they do best…giving us joy, friendship, love and happiness on an indescribable level.

I volunteer with Prairie Pooches Rescue, I regularly foster and offer support to other fosters and volunteers, as well I am currently interning with a certified dog trainer, in order get my own credentials. So, even if your pets are shy, hyper or even reactive to new people, I'm always ready to work with them.


Some tips to get ready for your shoot
It is always important to bring a treats for your pet during a session. Make sure to bring high value items such as hot dogs or cheese to keep their attention.

Make sure your pet is freshly bathed and groomed so they look their best.

Exercise them the best you can before the session so they are tired out and willing to sit still.

Please advise me of any specific details regarding your pet. Disabilities, restrictions, behavioral issues and medical issues. I NEED to know these things in order to be prepared properly for the shoot.

If your pet is not good off leash, that's ok! This will help us in deciding an appropriate place to photograph. When booking a session I will go further in detail depending on type of animal, size and breed.


For terminally ill or elderly pets, I offer a special session dedicated to celebrating their life. Requiem sessions honour and celebrate the unique bond between humans and their pets.


These are for and about the pets in need and their families, and they are very dear to my heart, they are the perfect way to remember your pet, or gift to a loved one It’s not meant to be a bleak experience but rather one full of joy and fond memories (and maybe just a few tears, but I welcome those with open arms.)