"Is this the end? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take.
The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it, White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise"


Requiem Sessions

End of Life Pet Photography

For terminally ill or elderly pets, I offer a special session dedicated to celebrating their life and love.


Requiem means an act or token of remembrance and these sessions honour and celebrate the relationship between you and your pet, doing the things you love most. 

Saying goodbye to  pet is one of the hardest things to do. They provide us with so much in their lives. They are always there for us; to comfort us, to play with us and they become part of our daily routine and in turn, become part of the family.
When we can, we give them one last amazing day - cuddles on the couch, a car ride, cheeseburgers, a new toy - before we help them have a loving and dignified end.

I wanted to create a session that would help normalize the grief we feel after losing pet and I want to be there as a support to families going through this tough time. These sessions are very dear to my heart as I lost one of my own in July 2017

These sessions will provide you with tangible memories of their personality, face, paws, nose, eyelashes and, most importantly, the way they look at you. The photographs will be something you can cherish, long after those details fade from your memory.

Requiem Sessions are often scheduled at short notice but scheduling them as soon as you feel your pet's time is near will ensure availability and a more enjoyable session for your pet. 

These are for and about the pets in need and their families, they are the perfect way to remember your pet, or to gift to a loved one.

In memory


2010 - 2018

Sheik was my Buddha dog and she was my fighter. She is the reason I do these sessions.

I started fostering Sheik in October 2017 and from the moment she came home I knew this was the home where she was meant to stay. She was my first 'foster fail' 

She came to me as a senior at 10 years old and with so much love to give to everyone and everything she met.

Shortly after I signed the adoption papers she was diagnosed with systemic cancer and on the way home from the vet I bought her a big burger and I made her a promise to make her happy and comfortable for the time she had left with us, however short that ended up being.

Every day with Sheik was a gift.

I took so many photos of her but I wish I had someone to capture the details and the connection between us because as much as I didn't want to admit it, sometimes things can happen fast

July 27th 2018 she passed away in my arms safe and warm at the vet. It broke me but it was my last gift to her.

This experience allowed me to support others going through the same grief, and that was her last gift to me.  

Client Love

It was a very hard day in the Berg house

Chloe Meadows

Steph was absolutely amazing! She came in to do pet requiem photos for me and my family when our dog Gunnar was on his final day. It was very short notice, as our dog’s health declined very suddenly, and Steph made time for us and was totally understanding. She was sensitive and kind. She knew how difficult it was for us, but was still able to make the photo session focused on the goofy loveable quirks of Gunnar. She was so good at handling our dog and getting him to be in certain poses, despite his physical limitations. Steph went above and beyond, and the photos are priceless to me and my family. Her services will be treasured by us forever.

I spent the evening with my friend Josef

Josefina Nelson

Opening up myself and the special relationship I have with my beloved guy, Grendel, was not easy. Grendel was recently diagnosed with a terminal condition. Between the heartbreak and the need to treasure every moment, Stephanie brought compassion and celebration to our lives. The pictures captured our bond and love in a way I hoped for but really didn't expect. I genuinely recommend taking the time to acknowledge and memorialize the relationships we have with our pets before its too late.

After a lot of thought after losing a de

Brilyn Jiricka

I knew the time for two of my senior pups was fast approaching. I had attempted to get a photo of my kids and 5 dogs myself; thankfully Stephanie saw I needed some help to capture the love my kids have for their dogs. I have never considered family photos prior because one of my dogs isn’t always accepting of new people. Stephanie was totally game to give it a try though and I’m glad we did! She let me deal with him while she managed the other dogs and kids. Both of my seniors mobility was limited and one suffered from anxiety in his old age. Even with all their quirks we were able to transport them around on the golf cart to have some photos done. 
The images Stephanie captured of my daughters with their beloved dogs is something we will treasure always. Capturing those last moments with our loved ones takes compassion and tons of patience, which are qualities Stephanie definitely has. Thanks you so much for that priceless gift!